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Hot Sale Mini Digital Fax
  • Hot Sale Mini Digital Fax
  • Description: Mini digital fax. G. W. /Unit: 330g Dimentsion / unit: 90*60*20mm Applicable line: PSTN Speed: 14.4Kbps Major features: Paper free, electronic signature, group fax, trace and check. Packing list: Each fax in a color box including 1PCS of ...
  • 2023-06-09 05:14  [广东深圳市]
  •   Royal Electronic Co., Ltd.  [未核实]
Generic Thermal Fax Machine
  • Generic Thermal Fax Machine
  • Intergration of copy, telephone and fax, thermal paper record. 14400BPS highspeed transmission 64-level grayscale printing Receiving phone call without power 99groups code dialing One-touch dialing Automatic redial feeding Top documrnt feeding ADF ...
  • 2023-06-09 05:14  [广东深圳市]
  •   Shenzhen Xin Tianyu Technology Co., Ltd.  [未核实]

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